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Professional Kitchen and Hood Cleaning Service in Qatar by Cleanology

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Upholding Excellence in Kitchen Hygiene and Safety

Cleanology, a distinguished division of Firows Facility Management in Qatar, excels in providing top-tier kitchen and hood cleaning services. Our expertise extends to comprehensive cleaning and degreasing of kitchen hoods, exhaust ducts, and associated systems, crucial for maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety in your culinary spaces.

Significance of Expert Kitchen and Hood Cleaning

Kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and other food establishments require meticulous attention to ensure they remain hygienic, efficient, and safe. Our services focus on deep cleaning and degreasing of kitchen hoods and exhaust systems, essential to prevent fire hazards, maintain cleanliness, and comply with health regulations.

Our Specialized Services Include

  Hood System Cleaning:
Thorough cleaning from filters up, including exhaust fan housing and fan wheel, removing all foreign matter like dirt and grease.
 Duct Cleaning:
Degreasing and cleaning of all accessible exhaust/extract ducts, ensuring they are free from grease and dirt accumulations.
  Exhaust Fan Maintenance:
Comprehensive cleaning of the fan assembly, including all parts exposed to grease-laden air, ensuring they are in satisfactory working condition.
  Hood Baffle Filters Maintenance:
Removal, degreasing, washing, and reinstalling baffle filters to maintain optimum functionality.
  Ecology Unit/KMU Maintenance:
Complete cleaning of the fan assembly and cabinet, along with thorough cleaning and re-fixing of pre-filters and secondary filters.

Why Choose Cleanology?

 NFPA Standards Compliance:
Our cleaning processes follow NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards, ensuring thorough and safe cleaning of kitchen hoods, ducts, and fans.
 Detailed Cleaning Approach:
: We focus on cleaning to bare metal where necessary, using chemical degreasers and maintaining the ducts below the required grease deposit gauge measurements.
 Expert Team and Advanced Techniques:
Our skilled professionals are trained to handle the complex requirements of kitchen and hood cleaning, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Cleanology’s Commitment to Your Business

In Qatar, Cleanology is renowned for its dedication to excellence in kitchen and hood cleaning services. We understand the critical nature of maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment and are committed to delivering services that meet your specific needs and exceed industry standards.

Scheduling Your Kitchen and Hood Cleaning Service

For state-of-the-art kitchen and hood cleaning services in Qatar, trust Cleanology. We cater to various establishments, ensuring your kitchen meets the highest levels of cleanliness and safety. Visit our website at or contact us at 709 709 29 to schedule our services or to learn more about how we can assist you in maintaining a pristine kitchen environment.

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